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We are documentary film makers specializing in the watery realms of accessibility and inclusivity for every body.

'Depth of Me', diving with a disability by Anne Jackson

What is the depth of me?

This is a film about scuba diving with a disability, the first of many and the introduction to a trilogy of amazing scuba divers who put their lives and well being in our hands and are happy to be filmed doing this. There are also close captioning available for your usage.

Tom, at 14, dove into the shallow end of a swimming pool goofing around with friends. He broke his neck and spent a long time in hospital recovering.

He always wanted to scuba dive and he got his certification with the HSA, Handicapped Scuba Association

We filmed Tom on his first open water dive and subsequently interviewed him afterwards, we captured all this in the video and Tom was just fantastic to film

At the same time I did research about how people with disabilities are so moved by the scuba diving experience. I would love to find somewhere in the Toronto area where we could get more people to enjoy the amazing sport of Scuba diving but we go one step at a time

This film was shown at the Toronto Shorts Film Festival. We are planning to also add on other willing participants that want to dive


Unstoppable Tracy from Anne Jackson on Vimeo.

What is next?

We are raising funds to also add others to our films, with other sports and activities including sailing, scuba diving, ski ing and horse riding.

Filming has started September 2016

We are working on getting a few segments for Tracey as she is enthusiastic and energetic and we are looking forward to working with her and following her life for a while

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Our group on Vimeo - Depth Of Me Film Productions

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